The unique technology behind LIPO-SACHETS®

Liposomes are tiny, sphere-shaped carriers that resemble cells in the human body.
High quality liposomes act as stable vessels, encapsulating and protecting the active ingredients (vitamins) from being degraded by substances within the body’s digestive system, such as digestive enzymes, oxygen or interaction with other medications.

This allows for the targeted release of the vitamin at locations in the body where it is required most, resulting in optimised absorption without gastric upsets.

Vitamin C Technology

LIPOSHELL® vitamin C liposome:

  1. Vitamin C in the water-containing region of the liposome
  2. Double phospholipid barrier which encapsulates and protects the vitamin C
Vitamin D Technology

LIPOSHELL® vitamin D liposome:

  1. Phospholipid bilayer – biocompatible with human cell membranes
  2. Vitamin D suspended in a phospholipid bilayer
Ferro Technology Iron Lipsome

LIPOSHELL® Iron liposome:

  1. Iron in water-containing region of the liposome
  2. Double phospholipid layer – biocompatible with cell membranes

The benefits of LIPOSHELL® technology

Inspired by molecular dynamics and the result of many years of development by European scientists, LIPO-SACHETS® patented LIPOSHELL® technology delivers precisely designed, targeted release liposomes for optimised absorption.

LIPOSHELL® liposomes are characterised by their tiny, homogeneous size: they have a very small diameter of 170 ±15% nanometres for Vitamin C, 120 ±15% nanometres for Vitamin D and 150 ±25% nanometres for Iron, which assists with their absorption.

LIPOSHELL® liposomes are manufactured in compliance with high quality standards, using innovative manufacturing processes. They are biocompatible, non-toxic and have high structural stability, which enables prolonged and stable encapsulation of the vitamins inside the liposomes.

Immunity Vitality Higher Absorption

What makes LIPO-SACHETS® unique?

  • Gentle on the stomach
  • A pleasant alternative to tablets or capsules which can be hard to take
  • New generation patented LIPOSHELL® technology
  • Tiny, homogeneous liposomes1 are easily dispersed in water to assist absorption
  • NO alcohol, added sugars2, gluten & GMO
  • NO artificial flavours, colours or thickeners
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Convenient, easy-to-use, single-dose foil sachets protect vitamins from oxidation
  • Our high-dose vitamin C is proven to deliver 80% higher absorption than standard vitamin C1

Where to buy

LIPO-SACHETS® are available at selected pharmacies, supermarkets and health food stores throughout New Zealand.

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Warnings: Vitamins are supplementary to (and not a replacement for) a balanced diet. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Auckland. TAPS PP9736


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